Train to Nowhere

for Cee’s Which Way Photo and Odd Ball Challenges (cuz, I couldn’t decide where to place it 😉). Last week I posted about my trip to the Highline, which runs over through Chelsea and over some well know art galleries. After stepping back down to terra firma, and while wandering the galleries, we happened past this building […]

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High Line

for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge The Highline, NYC. ‘April 2018 When I was growing up, this was the fossilized remains the westside ‘el’ .  I remember as a kid climbing through a hole in the fence and (on a dare) sneaking up onto it. This weekend I got to walk on (and under it). […]

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Rainbow 🌈

(repost) A rare Full Rainbow. I shot the image at right, on while commuting to work. At the same time, my wife captured the image at left from our balcony. via Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Rain or Rainbow  

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Why ?… because he can! (while I can only wish to be so limber) via Daily Prompt: Grasp

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