⏰-wise from left: Engstligenalp – Adelboden, Switzerland St Beatus Caves – Beatenberg Switzerland Labyrinth at Mt Sibley Volcanic Regional Park, California, USA via Daily Prompt: Gorge

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Knit Wit

(with the highest admiration from me and my 2 left thumbs) and on the opposite spectrum (for etymology lovers, like me) nit·wit ˈnitˌwit/ noun informal noun: nitwit; plural noun: nitwits a silly or foolish person (often as a general term of abuse). 1920-25; nit (< German; dialectal variant of nicht, not) + wit (<English>;  ‘intelligence’) via Daily […]

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Rendezvous with Rama

The object first catalogued as 31/439, according to the year and the order of its discovery, was detected while it was still outside the orbit of Jupiter. There was nothing unusual about its location; … But a first radar contact at such a distance was unprecedented; clearly, 31/439 must be of exceptional size… Then it’s […]

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OWPC: Lion

One Word Photo Challenge: Lion One of the most beautifully moving sculptures I’ve ever seen, is set in a pastoral park of Lucerne, carved into a cliff wall of  a former quarry; Das Löwendenkmal. At first glance I see a sleeping lion, at peace. Until I take in the discrete details; an arrowhead piercing the flank, the […]

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