OWPC: Viable

  via One Word Daily Prompt vi·a·ble ˈvīəb(ə)l/ adjective capable of working successfully; feasible.. BIOLOGY (of a plant, animal, or cell) capable of surviving or living successfully, especially under particular environmental conditions.

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Why ‘I Love Lucy’

Daily Prompt: Conversation My all time favorite I Love Lucy episode, ‘Paris, At Last’, has Lucy imprisoned for accidentally passing counterfeit bills. Despite only knowing English, Lucy manages to converse with the french speaking senior gendarme, by roping in a bilingual junior gendarme (conversant in french and german), and  the jail’s other occupant, a drunken Spaniard […]

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Miraculous 🌈

A rare Full Rainbow. I shot the image commuting to work. It’s pure serendipity that, at the same time, my wife captured the image at left from our balcony. Science and light refraction be damned, there’s just something miraculous in seeing one of these via Daily Prompt: Miraculous

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