Liberian model DEDDEH HOWARD after countless rejection from agencies because they already had “A Black Model”, recreated her own version of high-profile campaigns and tagged the photo project “BLACK MIRROR”. In her own words:- “For this project I decided to re-shoot several of the inspiring and famous campaigns out there and try to show […]


Outdoor Patterns

Appreciating the double (and inverted) triangles created by the building, the sky and the adjacent wall. Additionally all the subtler patterns (the rhomboid bricks, diamond shaped windows) as well.   Peeking up from the base of an aerial antennae. The Berkeley Mountains. via OWP: Patterns

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In the Olympics of Tax shelters, US takes Silver as Switzerland takes Gold 🏅

Last week, the US was second best jurisdiction (or second worst, depending on your stance) for lack of financial transparency by the Tax Justice Network (TJN). The only country more secretive (or more respective of financial privacy?) is Switzerland, according to TJN’s 2018 Financial Secrecy Index. The top 10 Rank Jurisdiction Secrecy Score (out of 100) […]

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Her Smile (Sympathize)

via Daily Prompt “Excuse me” I turned, and saw her; my eyes lighting first upon her smile, warm, easy and genuine. I record all that in the mili-instant before my attention registers her outstretched hand, holding a water bottle. We’re on Crissy Fields, in San Francisco, my young song in my arms (back when I […]

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Via the Daily Post: Puzzled Palazzo Giusti Gardens, Verona 2017 • Schwimmbad,  Locarno 2010

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