BBC News Blooper

Another example of why I always wear pants during SKYPE meetings. and lock the door 🙂 I think the interviewee missed a great opportunity..after all people love children almost as much as cats in video memes.

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Mark Twain: funny illustration of a libelous claim and how to deal with it

Mark Twain  in a letter to San Francisco Examiner, criticized the San Francisco Chief of Police Martin J. Burke and his officers of corruption. In the writer’s inimitable wit he cited “The air is full of lechery and rumors of lechery
” Burke threatened libel, citing that Twain’s, with this “rumors of lechery” remark, had made an unfounded and false claim […]

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Deutsche ist schwer, und Sexy!

Deutsche ist schwer Sexy Or so states internet dating site PlentyOfFish. The dating site analysed the messages of its subscribers, and found that women were most attracted to men who spoke German as a second language. DĂ©solĂ©, Francais Sexiest Languages (according to PlentyOfFish study) (Spoken by Men) (Spoken by Women) German Swedish Dutch Norwegian Italian Portuguese […]

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Election Night Cocktails

It’s been an long ugly race..tonight, we’re all gonna need a drink The Nasty Woman via Quartz Behold, the Nasty Woman. (Quartz/Jenni Avins) Here’s the recipe, which you can scale up or down to suit the size of your election night party:

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Cats in a box

I found this both soothing and perversely profound: Could the actions of these cats mirror that of an average office workplace? Some cats are social, seeking connection with other cats. Some move from cubicle to cubicle (searching for, what?) Others watch, transfixed, rooted in the same cube. And yet others find means to escape out of (and […]

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Mahattanhenge, tonight (w/pics)

One of the things I appreciated most about life in Manhattan: One clear Summer night after work, I walked out of a 5th avenue office building just in time to catch the sunset. What made this sunset most spectacular was that occurred during Manhattanhenge, that twice a year occurrence when the sun is alignment makes it visible, […]

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