Orange Juice

via Daily Prompt: Orange My son teaches me a cool method to making orange juice. 1 Ripe Orange 1 Empty plastic bottle Scissors Hot glue gun cut neck off bottle gently squish orange (to get juices going..your’s and the fruit’s) cut top off orange (only as wide as the bottle neck) using hot glue gun […]

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BBC News Blooper

Another example of why I always wear pants during SKYPE meetings. and lock the door 🙂 I think the interviewee missed a great opportunity..after all people love children almost as much as cats in video memes.

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Athletes Agree, Under Armor CEO’s comments put the ASS in ‘Assets

A rift has emerged at Under Armour between the company’s CEO and some of the most famous athletes it endorses, forcing the company to clarify exactly what it does and doesn’t support about controversial US president Donald Trump. The sportswear brand issued a statement today (Feb. 10) explaining its values and the context of CEO… via […]

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing Spoiler: no fish we be caught during this post. “Come on you’ll have fun” And like that I was had, hook, like sinker …and mittens. Weather-treated thermal lined gloves, actually. To go with my weather-treated boots (who knew you could spray something on shoes to make them water-tolerant (no, not proof..tolerant). […]

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