Vahn’ dur – vek, Gr: Hiking path Exploring the Wissenstein hiking trails (fun) before sunset (not smart). For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge Advertisements

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How now, Blind Cow?

alternative titles: bunte Kuh (colorful cow) Holy Cow, &  Blindman’s Bluff Serendipitously I literally ran by this restaurant while jogging during vacay.  Meals are served in total darkness by sight-impaired waitstaff. The reviews on both the food and experience are good. I wish I’d had the time (and a reservation) to try for myself before leaving the […]

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Wo duure gohts der Zentrum?

title translated (badly) from Swiss-german: Which way to the [Paul Klee] Center  For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge Arrows feature prominently in the works of Swiss Artist Paul Klee (if you’re wondering why, read my comment, below). From the Autobahn it’s easy to spot the museum’s distinctive architecture. But if that weren’t enough there’s this statute, […]

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