A Ladybug’s Life and Death

I saw a ladybug struggling against the breeze on leg jerking, unaturally It became apparent  that  she was dying. I watched, torn..hoping that I was mistaken, until it became painfully obvious..painfully, I imagined to us both, that I was on her last leg. Watching, I considered, wI saw a ladybug struggling against the breeze on […]

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing Spoiler: no fish we be caught during this post. “Come on you’ll have fun” And like that I was had, hook, like sinker …and mittens. Weather-treated thermal lined gloves, actually. To go with my weather-treated boots (who knew you could spray something on shoes to make them water-tolerant (no, not proof..tolerant). […]

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Swiss Style Your Blog

Update Invigorate your Blog using one of these aesthetic, and classically Swiss design templates: Pictured: AskQuincy.info with themes Publish, Illustratur and Twenty-Sixteen (reblogged) Source: Swiss Style & Your Blog

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Daily Prompt: Planet Q

Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet by Krista on December 23, 2013 You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go. I would design a planet with a hollow interior. The landmasses would be accessible by a series of interconnected tunnels. It would be feasible to […]

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Percy Jackson Olympians series

My son and I are co-reading the Percy Jackson series. Reading a book with your son better than joining a book-club: I get to share the literary experience and I get to relieve my youth by reading young adult fiction. As an added bonus, this material borrows heavily on well worn subject matter; the Greek […]

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Moved by Music

I am not particularly picky when it comes to music. I love it all (although, personally, I find Country and Reggae music to be formulaic) . Sometimes that experience is independent of the lyrics; a good beat is enough to get my toe taping. Lets groove tonight, Earth Wind & Fire Our House, Madness Give […]

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What’s in a (middle) name?

For all those out there without a middle name; “I feel ya!” According to one statistic (chacha.com)96% of people worldwide have at least one middle name. I have been forced to be creative when filling out online forms that require input of middle initial. When forced I list ‘j’ as a middle initial for two […]

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