soooo cold! Alpine feed the heat of summer this fast flowing river retains it’s chill. Diving off was so crazyexhiliratingfun, I did it twice! via Photo Challenge: Bridge

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing Spoiler: no fish we be caught during this post. “Come on you’ll have fun” And like that I was had, hook, like sinker …and mittens. Weather-treated thermal lined gloves, actually. To go with my weather-treated boots (who knew you could spray something on shoes to make them water-tolerant (no, not proof..tolerant). […]

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Swiss Style Your Blog

Update Invigorate your Blog using one of these aesthetic, and classically Swiss design templates: Pictured: with themes Publish, Illustratur and Twenty-Sixteen (reblogged) Source: Swiss Style & Your Blog

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Daily Prompt: Exhale Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.   At times that I find I am ‘waiting to exhale,’ like the protagonists in T. McMillian book , of the same name. While ‘in betweens,’ I inhale. DEEPLY. Not a […]

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