Fall from the House of Escher

For Cee’s Black & White Challenge

below, two images, I captured in LA over the weekend.


And two others (not mine) in appreciation of one of my favorite artists: M.C. Escher

“Escher loathed the [Loretz] school. He attended it between 1912 and 1918 …and failed his exam. He called it the hell of Arnhem. He only liked the drawing lessons.” But after World War II, when he was already an established graphic artist, he was asked to make a memorial mural for the pupils of his school who were killed during the war. “He saw the possibilities of the school architecture, especially the stairwell, with fresh eyes then,”

-Micky Piller, curator of the The Hague Escher Museum.

reposted from Escher’s impossible stairs inspired by high school stairwell


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