Deutsche ist schwer, und Sexy!

Deutsche ist schwer Sexy

Or so states internet dating site PlentyOfFish. The dating site analysed the messages of its subscribers, and found that women were most attracted to men who spoke German as a second language.

Désolé, Francais

Sexiest Languages
(according to PlentyOfFish study)

(Spoken by Men)

(Spoken by Women)

  1. German
  2. Swedish
  3. Dutch
  4. Norwegian
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. French
  8. Japanese
  9. Arabic
  10. Russian
  1. Dutch
  2. Arabic
  3. Swedish
  4. Norwegian
  5. Hebrew
  6. Spanish
  7. Russian
  8. Portuguese
  9. French
  10. Italian

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