Adidas launches a sneaker for female runners

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According to a statistics of U.S.race finishers Women runners outnumber males runners.  That makes them a viable market. After analyzing women’s foot structure and running profile, Aididas has created the PureBoost X, designed to deliver supportive comfort to the female runner.


“The tendons and ligaments are actually more flexible themselves,” he tells Quartz. “The arch, because it’s more flexible, will have more movement. That inspired this idea.”

Adidas believes the design makes for a shoe that’s incredibly comfortable, which is important in a running shoe, if not actually more supportive. Peveto says the support happens on a “proprioceptive level,” meaning it’s perceived, almost like a placebo. The $120 shoe wraps snugly around your arch, making it feel supported.

Some customers may feel shortchanged that there isn’t more actual structural support. Adidas, however, says in its numerous conversations with female athletes, the support they wanted was an arch that feelsgood, and that’s what it delivered.

For more read the article


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