The financial consequences of saying ‘Black,’ vs. ‘African American’

When I was young I considered myself Black, for the same reasons Malcolm X did. I felt it was necessary that we vibrantly expose ourselves; to be heard and seen loudly, in order for the necessary conversations to be had, and progress to be made.
As I matured I adopted the term African American for the same reasons Jesse Jackson politicized it: We had a legitimate place at Table Americana, and the right to claim that seat as did our siblings of Irish-American, Chinese-American, Italian-American descent. To affect change by inclusion, and not by division.

  • Black?
  • African American?

Whatever label one choose, if choose one must, it is important to note that these terms are neither separate nor equal.

This Quartz post (original source, The Atlantic) examines the impressions that being labeled Black has with it.

Do you agree?

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