Guardians of the Galaxy and Howard the Duck

Some great works took their inspiration from arguably unlikely sources. Having read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” I can see how it inspired “Blade Runner,” but not WHY it did. The same can be said for “The Body,” by Steven King (which the movie “Stand by Me” is loosely based upon.

One thing is certain, I would never have discovered PKDick’s other works had I not seen Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner.” There is, therefore, somewhat of a ripple effect that some works engender.
Certainly not everyone feels the same literary-archaeological curiosity. read on for another perspective.

Crooked Eclipses

Howard-the-DuckBefore I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest box office dreadnought from Marvel Entertainment, I read in the Huffington Post about a post-credit sequence featuring Howard the Duck. “As fans might remember,” the article pronounced, “”Howard the Duck” was first released in 1987, and would become a giant bust for Marvel and producer George Lucas.” But that’s not what I remember. What I remember is that Howard the Duck was an incredible comic book written by Steve Gerber, one of the only comics outside of Mad and Cracked magazines that I read as a boy.

I also remember that the Howard the Duck of the movie, the Howard the Duck who came from “Duckworld,” a dreadful place where no duck-themed pun was too low, the Howard the Duck who romped through second-rate science fiction in the name of anemic political satire, was the Howard the Duck of writer…

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