Percy Jackson Olympians series

My son and I are co-reading the Percy Jackson series. Reading a book with your son better than joining a book-club: I get to share the literary experience and I get to relieve my youth by reading young adult fiction. As an added bonus, this material borrows heavily on well worn subject matter; the Greek myths. Since this is a topic I (like many 12yr old boys) am well versed, I already know what is going to happen (most of the time). Biting my tongue against spoiler alerts adds to the fun. Fortunately (or not) my eldest is pretty versed in many of these tales also. They served as bedtime story fodder for him, back when I was still doing bedtime stories (he has a voracious apetite towards reading that my storytelling can possible compete with. So I don’t think many of the surprises are surprising to him, either.

While we are enjoying this story, it’s fun for me to capture images of the various places, people, gods & monsters.

We’ll start in the middle (like Homer and Lucas would) with the current read:

Sea of Monsters


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