Weekly challenge: Point of View

I had been reading up a bit on Fibonacci numbers and how they impact what we view as aesthetically appealing (for more on that topic read this).

Then armed with my Sony Xperia camera/phone I tasked myself to forget all that and just look at things differently. The results:

  • In the first two shots, (from Lake Chabot) I moved the focus to one of the three subjects. Ili (centered) is clearly defined, and Micah (left) and the stones are less so.
  • In the second shot  using the same subjects, the focus point is moved to the cairns (stones) at right.
  • In the third shot I wanted place the invisible participant, the photographer, in the foreground; to show the shot outside of her perspective. The boys can be seen in the distance climbing rocks. By shooting it this way subject is both similir and different from mine own.
  • The last shot captures a break in the lunch day. My Blackberry, sits on the bench, the diminishing point from for the bench at opposite angles from the lines from the PDA. Also captured in the reflecction of the Blackberry screen, is the office building I stepped out of to enjoy lunch.



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