A to Z

A rambling ode to the muse Alpha Beta.

As I press the call button, for the umpteenth time, wondering where is the help?

By now someone should have noticed the elevator is stuck, and assistance should have been sent.

Certainly someone is on the way to fix this.

Deliver us from the  evil that is this elevator

Everyone  is restless

Faces staring.


Hoping, as I do, that the car will move, or that someone or some force will end this involuntary and unlawful imprisonment.

Incarcerated, without due process.

Jailed with only hope for parole.

Knees start to buckle and feet start to shift as impatience mounts, as each trapped soul thinks the same thing:


My boss is going to kill me

No, not literally.

Only, figuratively.

Possibly by making me work late, again, this Friday.

Quickly, I run through my options:

Repel down the elevator shaft?

Signal for help by rapping on the elevator door?

Tear the door open using my xacto knife?

Unfortunately that trick only works in episodes of MaGyver

Vexed, seething, and frustrated, I pull out my sharp bladed tool.

Why not; after what do I have to loose

Xacto knife in hand, I start to work on the door ..

“You think you can open the door with that?,” ask  a co-detainee

“Zero to none odds,” I replied with a wink, “are still better than nothing.”


One thought on “A to Z

  1. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging
    on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always interesting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from other web sites.

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