Oreck Stain Remover: Carpet’s best friend

When I was younger, so much younger than today….

I drank a lot of red wine.

No, not alkie level; just your standard 2 glasses at dinner. And I when I say ‘I could not hold my liquor’  I mean I was clumsy. So when I say ‘I drank a lot of red wine’, I mean I spilled a lot of red wine.

The unfortunate affects of my badly formed cerebral cortex were the repeated stains on Melissa’s (my best friend) white rug.

(I know, what was she thinking, White rug + red wine + medisaster.

Nevertheless, incident after incident, Miss M’lis  invite me back for dinner, and she would stil refill my glass.  Today, many years and miles later, I was reminded of those times when I spilled my coffee on my own rug.

(Now, being married, when I say ‘my‘ , naturally I mean ours, (or hers depending on the article in question).

Orreck Stain Remover

Fortunately for me, I (meaning, ‘we’) have this: Oreck Pet Odor and Stain Remover.

I don’t know if the boys and girls at CSI know about this. I have successfully employed this to remove all traces of forensic evidence, including red wine, puppy urine, and today’s errant coffee spill.

Thank you Mr Oreck!

*this is an unpaid endorsement. No puppies were harmed in the making of this editorial.


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